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Michael Siman 

By Michael Siman

My name is Michael Siman and I struggle with mental health. Growing up, I have always dealt with anxiety and depression. However, it wasn't until I hit rock bottom, that I started to address these things. During the spring semester of my junior year of college, I began to lose control of my thoughts. Often times people use the term, "I am losing my mind" as an exaggerated expression, but in actuality, I was quite literally losing control of my mind.


My mind started to fixate on intrusive thoughts, images, and urges for every second of the day. This happened for months and showed no signs of slowing down. The scariest part was that my family and I couldn't pinpoint what I was dealing with during that time. It wasn't until my friend Wesley Braden released an excerpt for his upcoming book, "none of us are whole" that I knew what I was dealing with. I was experiencing symtoms of Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD). 


After nearly a year of suffering, I was hopeless. I tried nearly a dozen medications and went to two therapists and had experienced no relief. I was starting to become content with the idea that life was going to move on for everybody else, and that I was going to be one that was left behind. 


I made a last ditch effort and reached out to a family friend asking for a possible doctor referral, and I was directed to Doctor Nathan Fite and his team. I wasn't optimistic about seeing him, considering the lack of momentum I had in treatment. Little did I know what I was in for.


After 6 months of treatment with Doctor Fite and his team at The Anxiety Center, I went from severe OCD to a state of recovery. It felt like nothing short of a miracle. I was finally able to take my life back after 18 months of suffering. 


Now that I am doing better, I want to give back to Doctor Fite amd bless others out of my experience. Doctor Fite changed my life and I know he can do the same for any of you that are facing mental health battles. 


With that said, I encourage you to donate to Hope for Anxiety, so that Doctor Fite can expand his footprint and help those suffering across the world.



Michael Siman

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