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The Anxiety Center is an innovative outpatient psychiatry practice located in Cincinnati and Indianapolis. The center was established to advance the implementation of evidence-based treatments and technologies for anxiety and OCD spectrum disorders. At The Anxiety Center patients are able to access the most innovative treatment in psychiatry like CBT, TMS, infusion therapies, and coordinated psychiatric services for medication management. The clinicians are all trained in the latest protocols for anxiety disorders and are equipped to address complex presentations of these disorders for patients who have not achieved success in other treatment settings. 

The Fellowship in Psychology at the Anxiety Center provides trainees the opportunities to gain specialized knowledge in the treatment of anxiety disorders Over the course of the experience refine their skills as scientist-practitioner model of training by participating in a variety of clinical experiences, including: engaging in research, completing of neuropsychiatric interviews, collaborating in interdisciplinary treatment team meetings, creation and monitoring of measurable treatment goals, development of individualized psychological interventions, supervision of trainees and participation in case driven didactics. Fellows may also have opportunities to engage with the field by attending and presenting at relevant national and/or regional conferences. The goal is to equip Fellows to carry their knowledge back to Colombia and successfully run a psychiatry practice that can impact the lives of their patients.

Nathan Fite, PhD
Owner & Managing Director

The Anxiety Center
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